Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dress aka cocktail gown found its ready market and may be small black dress, the classic garment created by Coco Chanel and well accepted and practiced throughout the world for many years. The cocktail dress when appeared in 20s of the previous year is almost one hundred years old, interpreted in the legendary collection New Look by Christian Dior and garments worn by Audrey Hepburnwho epitomized the Chanel ideal for wearing little black dresses, accessorized with pearls, to Hubert de Givenchy and the latest haute couture designer collections.

First cocktail parties celebrated the opening of the dry epoch in USA when the post-war period with men who came back from the front of the World War I and women who served on the home front required absolutely new kind of clothes. The new type of wear should have been less official and formal that that required for the high society functions but more elegant than everyday wear. And the cocktail dress was the real outcome of the designer ideas and work. The first cocktail dress was presented as the knee-long garment made from silk or chiffon and decorated abundantly with embroidery, stresses, pearls and a lot more. Quite harsh fashion rules dictated the length of the dress the skirt of which was short enough, absence of sleeves and the collar. Moreover, the fashion designers followed the rule of balance when the top of the cocktail dress is too open, then the skirt should have been strict and closed, and vise versa.


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